Lakshmi Chauntisa Yantra is drawn on Bhoja Patra with red ink made of sandalwood paste and with pen made of pomegranate tree. The Yantra is kept in front of the Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali Puja. On the next day Yantra is put in the office or at home where money is kept. 
This yantra can be prepared on a Bhojpatra or White Paper and written with a mixture of the paste of Crushed Rose Petals and the Kewra Flower [Screw Pine] in equal quantities. Then it is inserted in a Cloth Amulet and tied around the neck of the person suffering from unkown fear
Nazar Raksha Kawach is the best & easiest way to protect you & your loved one’s from evil eye. This Nazar Raksha Kavach package is a set of three items . Each one is made up of evil eye beads. Evil eye beads are the most widely used remedy for protection against evil eye.
Maha Sudarshan Yantra is one of the most effective Yantras for getting secured against all kinds of harms including Enemies, Evil Eye and Adversaries.
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